GenWe Luncheon Recap

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What’s the definition of a Millennial? How old is a Baby Boomer? When did Gen X start? As researchers, these questions get bounced around all the time. Generation lines are blurry, and segmentations differ from firm to firm.

Beyond semantics, one thing is irrefutable: a new group of young consumers is emerging, and it’s imperative that marketers recognize what makes them tick.

TRU Youth MONITOR’s Kate Turkcan and Spark SMG’s Scott Hess took us inside the minds of America’s youngest demographic during MRCC’s August event, a panel discussion about “Gen WE.” This group, otherwise known as “Centennials,” is loosely defined as individuals born between 2000 and 2020.

IMG_5397They’ve never known life without smartphones. They choose brands because they appreciate what the brand stands for, not just because it’s “cool.” Being sent to their bedroom is not a punishment; rather, the bedroom is a place that has everything a youngster today needs, from video games to Skype. They aren’t fazed by people from different backgrounds, and generally embrace cultural differences.

As this group, and their wallets, grows up, how do we as marketers communicate effectively to them?

Turkcan and Hess make it clear that Gen We is not an easy sell. If this group doubts your product or solution, they are not shy about switching to an alternative or coming up with their own creative solution to meet a need.

On the flip side, Gen We can be your greatest advocate if they support you, your idea, and what you deliver. Make sure that you’re communicating a strong brand idea. If Gen We is enthused by you, they’ll let you, and their friends, know.


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Happy Summer to all of our MRCC members and friends!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the new MRCC website.   We had received some feedback that our previous site had been a bit outdated so we decided that it was time for a new look and some additional capabilities. We hope that you will find our new site more up to date and easy to use. We’ll be working on continual improvements throughout the year so please “pardon our dust” as we continue to add new features.  Our goal is to make this not only a resource for event details & registration but also a community space for industry information, presentations, photos from our luncheons & social events, career connections and much more.

As we cross the mid-year point of 2015 I wanted to take this time to thank you all of you for your support and participation so far this year.  It’s great to see so many familiar faces at our meetings each month and it’s also been fun to welcome in many new attendees to our events.  Our organization continues to grow and we couldn’t do that without all of you.   Since the beginning of the year our officers, board and committee members have been very hard at work behind the scenes doing a wide array of things from putting together top notch programming, expanding our social media presence and growing our membership base in addition to working on this new gateway to our organization.  They have been doing a wonderful job and I would like to publicly thank each and every one of them for putting in the additional time and energy beyond their day jobs to make this organization run.

Thank you for visiting our site.  We look forward to seeing you in person at a luncheon or social event this year!

Heidi Weaver
President MRCC